Tuesday, August 5, 2014

HSM Video!!!

It's been quite awhile since we've posted any updates, and yes, it's mainly because we've let our personal lives take priority for a little while.  But not to fret, thanks to the hard work and incredible editing skills of our volunteer video editor, Drew Doucette, we finally have our long-awaited video - and it looks great!

Many thanks to all those who we interviewed and participated - we think you look awesome on screen!


As for updates, we've sadly lost a few of our hardest-working supporters and our direct advocacy group doesn't have enough human-power these days to continue advocating, seeking sponsors, and developing the concept further at the intensity we once were.

We'd be thrilled to continue the momentum if anyone out there is willing to step forward and help push this towards reality!  If you or anyone you know wants to see this happen and is interested in volunteering advocacy time for the cause, please email me at halfstreetmarket@gmail.com, and we'll see how you can best help.


Nathan Alberg
Half Street Market Initiative