Monday, May 20, 2013

Status Update and T-shirt Design

It's been some time since the congressional hearing, so we thought we'd fill you in on what we've been doing. The Half Street Market concept has made incredible strides, thanks largely to our volunteers as well as the incredible amount of public support it has received. As the idea becomes more and more real and we begin to search out grants and support, feasibility studies and operational plans will have to be developed to prove its potential.

In anticipation of performing these studies, we are in the process of developing a Kickstarter Video to raise money for these initial studies.  Kickstarter is an online forum where anyone can pledge support for a creative idea or product in the form of an online donation to that cause.  If the pledge goal we set is achieved, we get to collect the money raised.

As a potential reward to pledges, we are also designing a T-shirt!  But we don't want to hog all the fun of creating a cool design... if you have a great idea for a Half Street Market t-shirt, please send it in!  Feel free to use our logo or our graphics found on this site to use in your design.  Once we have several entries, we'll post the designs for everyone to vote on.

Entries can be sent to our mail account,

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